The Castle

Nearly 1,000 years of history

This is the eleventh century the lords of Balazuc, powerful family who ruled the Bas-Vivarais, built a tower along the wall that surrounded the village. It was gradually expanded in the thirteenth century. Some famous people include Balazuc Pons, who joined the First Crusade and was killed at the siege of Archas (today Tell Arqa, in north Lebanon), just before the capture of Jerusalem in 1099.

Through the centuries

The Overlords Balazuc always remained loyal to the king of France, which explains that, during the religious warfare, the village remained Catholic in the midst of a land that had largely converted to Protestantism. During the French Revolution, the Marquis de Vogüé, whose family had inherited the castle, took flight. Irony or lightness, the castle was sold « by candle » in 1793, and for the sum of 625 pounds (about 3125 euros today). Just a little more than the price of the village oven and forty times less than the mill. The buyer’s name was Louis Mollier and from now on the castle was used as a farm.

The Renaissance

In the 19th century, as many properties, Ardèche Castle Balazuc becomes a silk farm embodying the golden age of silk production. In 2002, the descendants of Louis Mollier sold the ruined buildings to a couple from Lyon. Daniel and Virginie Boulenger, restored it and made a beautiful guest house, which you know today. In 2011, the castle is purchased by Luc and Florence Lemaire. In a thousand years, this is only the third time that it has been sold…

The Recognition

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